"Slow Leaves proves that when great vocals and melodies combine with perhaps even greater songwriting, sonic magic is inevitable."
Caught in the Carousel Full Review

“Davidson’s songs are sweet and simple and will no doubt find their home on many playlists this winter”
- !earshot Full Review

"‘Second Chances’ is a gentle yet completely engaging listen."
 Pennyblackmusic Full Review

"This EP is a great surprise, a beautiful gem" 
Michael Doherty's Music Log Full Review

"{Davidson} has steadily matured over three earlier albums, and delivers a three-track gem in Second Chances. The sessions produced material for a full-length release and we can hardly wait."
 New Canadian Music Full Review

Grant Davidson spreads his wings with new EP
CBC Manitoba Scene Full Review

"Grant Davidson and Rusty Matyas show they're a match made in heaven with three powerful roots rock songs."
Adobe and Teardrops Full Review