Calling Occupants

There must be something broken. Somehow, Life of a Better Man has slipped back 3 spots to #14 on the Top 20 Chart. Like, is Jian Gomeshi mad at me or something? Was I wrong to tell him he didn't have to say “happy” before each day of the week? Whatever the case may be, things are now as they are and the wise should step back to appreciate a wider perspective. Thanks to all those who have voted. You may continue to do so, if you wish. They say what goes down, must come up... or something like that... which I know at least holds true for hydrogen peroxide ingested for resurrecting turkey bones from k9s in the midst of a most memorable thanksgiving feast. LOABM may rise again, perhaps. The ever beguiling temptress that is CBC radio may yet offer up it's supple bosom for all of spring's emergent, enduring and ephemeral; even the slowest of foliages. And as the weekend approaches, so too does a new week full of promise and hope. As weeks turn to months, months to years, and so on and so forth, we must remember that music is not a competition, nor does it derive value from numbers on a subjective chart. Music should be judged by how it makes you feel and then given a value in feel units which can be objectively ranked from best to worst. On this definitive list, Slow Leaves ranks #1; or rather shares that spot with Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft by Klaatu (The Carpenters version is also special). Now that's the type of inclusion I know we can all get behind. Happy Thursday!