The Charting Process

Life of a Better Man has now reached no. 11 on the CBC radio 2 top 20 chart. This is after entering the chart at 13, then climbing to 12 the following week, and sitting at 11 this week. By my calculations and considering the current rate of increase, LOABM only needs to stay in the chart for another 10 weeks to reach no. 1. I'll admit I'm no expert in music chartery, but I'm pretty sure this is how it works: First, the song enters the chart causing a perturbation in the dynamical system that is the musical cosmos. Second, it progresses through a series of rigorous and undisclosed lab tests otherwise reserved only for new cosmetics products and top secrete potential alien landing sight officially non-existent evidence. Finally, if the song is deemed fit for CBC listeners, it climbs the chart in a predictable and controlled fashion. Here's the rub: Though my imminent rise may appear like bulletproof logic, considering the nature of deterministic chaos, nothing guarantees arrival at the coveted no. 1 slot. But, notwithstanding the unlikely reunion and subsequent release of a new single at least equal in excellence and emotional impact as the eternal Forever by Jesse and the Rippers which would indeed throw the whole system careening into a tailspin of unpredictable tumult, I'd say it's a sure thing.