On The Radio Campaign Trail

So, as some of you already know, I've had the privilege of having my song “Life Of A Better Man” playing on CBC radio 2. And as stated by many folk wiser than myself, with great privilege comes great responsibility, which in this case takes the form of campaigning for votes with the design of propelling the song into the upper reaches of the Radio 2 top 20 chart and then from there, who knows, maybe a gold record in outer space, or better yet, a gold cassette for the cosmic hipsters, or the earthbound who rough it with their sanyo portable double tape deck boom box at rustic, but not without essential amenities like flush toilets and wooden bird door knockers, cottages which presumably exist somewhere “far out” like say, groovy NW Ontario but less than say, outer space.
Now I know some of you never vote for anything because you may feel that our “democracy” is a facade for the self-preservation of the liberal elite. Or maybe you're too concerned about the Rothchilds, chemtrails, the illuminati, creationism, bigfoot, etc... I am too. But this has nothing to do with any of that. Just think about all the things I could have done for you but never did. Don't fill up your gut with guilt. Fill it with porridge and good music. Here's the link:http://music.cbc.ca/#/The-Radio-2-Top-20. Vote now!