Birth of a Song

My best songs, in my opinion, seem to come together naturally and without force or strong-armed persuasion and take shape quickly, often within an afternoon. As a matter of necessity, for I have a poor short-term memory, I immediately make a rudimentary recording so as not to let my memory distort and confuse the ideas in following days. Of course as time goes on, the song will evolve: lyrical edits, delivery adjustments, added arrangements... and the song matures into something more presentable like the well dressed job applicant. Well, for what is gained, there is always something lost, something special and honest present only at the moment of conception before deliberate thought starts poking around with its greasy, meddling fingers. In these moments, the song wears sweatpants and sits comfortably on the couch. This is not the professional facade, nor is it the thing-in-itself, but perhaps the thing-for-myself, devoid of the pretences inevitable when the presence of others casts a shadow. For this long-winded reason, I have decided to share some of the “demos” I've recorded in their earliest incarnations. They are all poorly recorded but represent to me the capture of an elusive quality that is often lost at later recordings. I will “release”, as one might a doberman or a negligee on an unsuspecting mail carrier, the first instalment on December 4th as part of a series of videos I've imaginatively titled “Slow Leaves – Home Recordings”.