If you're like me and just watched yourself eat a family-sized bag of chips alone in the mirror, perhaps the following thoughts also went through your mind. First, the inevitable question arises as to whether diminishing self-worth is observable to the naked eye and if so, could these changes be dramatic like the dimming of a light switch? Perhaps it's simply the fading evening light. How much time has passed? This seems unlikely. Second, the more basic question of whether chips have anything to do with self-esteem? Perhaps the chips are a symptom of a more fundamental issue? Yet maybe I just enjoy the taste. Third, why am I still in front of a mirror? Fourth, the realization I'm having the most inconsequential conversation with nobody at all, an audience in my head. Fifth, the analogy: my relationship with social media. I post something with a style of whimsy, though carefully thought out, a content utterly meaningless, and a design, subconscious or otherwise, of garnering admiration from an unknown congregation. Applause is the chip in my mouth. I am my own audience. The final question: why not eat chips away from the mirror? And then a click: “Post”.